Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Jonas Updates from 14/8/09-17/12/09 (updated daily).

  • Kevin Jonas proposes to his girlfriend, Danielle! Launch Page
  • Jonas Brothers finish their World Tour in Paris, France. Unfortunately, they did not tour Australia. Launch Page
  • Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato finish filming 'Camp Rock 2'. Launch Page
  • Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and fellow Camp Rock stars make a funny video to celebrate the ending of filming Camp Rock 2. Bounce! Launch Page
  • Nick Jonas' tells us about his new side-project with a new band called the Administration! Their album comes out on February the 2nd. Check out their official website: Launch Page
  • Nick Jonas and the Administration's first single "Who I Am" is released. Launch Page
  • Nick Jonas sings "Rose Garden" live at Ryan Seacrest. Launch Page
  • Nick Jonas and the Administration perform their single "Who I Am" at the 2009 52nd Grammy Nominations. Launch Page
  • Nick Jonas launches his official Twitter page. Launch Page
  • Nick Jonas and the Administration band picture is released! Launch Page
  • Nick Jonas sings "Before the Storm" live in concert withOUT ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus who was spotted making out with boyfriend Australian actor, and The Last Song co-star, Liam Hemsworth in London. Nick looks a little upset, and rumors are going around that he started to cry. Launch Page
  • Kevin Jonas rumored to be marrying fiance Danielle this weekend!
  • Nick Jonas and the Administration will perform as the house band for the Critics' Choice Movie Awards on Jan. 15 in Los Angeles. Nick said: 'I'm excited and honored. ..We'll be performing a lot of covers. Intros and outros to the commercials. I think we have about 25 songs to learn.' Launch Page
  • Nick Jonas takes out best-friend Maya Kibbel and little brother Frankie Jonas out to lunch in Toluca Lake, CA. Launch Page
If I missed any important important, don't hesitate to comment letting us know!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello, hello, hello!!

Hi Everyone! It's Maggie for the day. I know, i know we all prefer Hiba don't we, well hows everyones day. Hope it was better than mine. We can talk JoBro here but first as you all know, we had a very awkward conversation last night on twitter about cramps and pains... JUST to make it better we had health today and i have a male teacher that has a face that looks like Mr. Incredible and we talk about STI (aka sexual transmitted infections) it sound like fun doesn't it..Hmmm. Back to our FAVOURITE boys in the entire universe, remember we will make contests that us Australians CAN enter and win Jonas Brother prizes, By the way: If you have ANYTHING Jonas, that you don't need/have double of (sticker books, cd's etc.) Please donate them! We're in need of prize's and we can't do it all by ourselves. So if you're interested.. Please let us know! :)

P.S Rember to vote for the Jonas Brothers on The Hot Hits. Lauch Page.

and on the Teen Choice Awards 2009 where the Jonas Brothers will be the hosts. Launch Page

JONAS NEWS FOR 14/8/09 (updated daily).

  • The Jonas Brothers' Chicago concert was rockin' awesome!! Check out the awesome photos 
  • THE ROAD DOGS WON!!!!! , aren't they happy look at them. They won 3-1 aren't we proud fans, were always proud through the rough and smooth times. From all the retweets of "RT: @Jonasbrothers Let's go Road Dogs! Let's go!!!!!!!! @AustralianFFE Let's go JonasTralia! Let's go!!!!!!!! :D Retweet this! XD" it worked.. next time they will dominated everyone!

 Well, thats all for today, more tomorrow. Daily Jonas news here. Here's today's questions,answer them in your comment for this blog! ^-^

  1. If you won the Team Jonas "Fly With Me" competition and you won thee guitar, but you didn't know how to play it, would you go out and learn it day and night until you got it right?
  2. Why do you think there are JB haters out there? (other than jealousy :] )
  3. Did Nick ever go on broadway? and if so do you know any of the performances he did?

Monday, July 13, 2009


Hey guys! It's Hibz. :) How are you all doing? We created this blogging website for us to blog about your favorite boys.. just not going overboard. (And Twitter's character limit is really annoying.) We know how many Australian Jonas Brothers fans there is and we didn't want any of them feeling left out. I mean, yeah, sure Australians hardly get chosen (actually.. never) for contests made by the FFE team or other websites because apparently rich people don't wanna waste money on sending things over the sea. Hahah. (I was just kidding). SO, that is why we're starting this & we hope to get far. Soon, we'll make contests for you to participate in and prizes for ya'll to win. By the way: If you have ANYTHING Jonas, that you don't need/have double of (sticker books, cd's etc.) Please donate them! We're in need of prize's and we can't do it all by ourselves. So if you're interested.. Please let me know! :)

JONAS NEWS FOR 13/8/09 (updated daily).

    • Man, is this girl lucky or is this girl LUCKY?! She got to play Nick's guitar.. (Yes! The green one!) She was really good and really lucky. Launch Page.
    • Yesterday was Mama Jonas' BIRTHDAY! So if you forgot, or if you wanna again, tweet the Jonas Brothers and spam their Myspace with nice little birthday wishes for their mum. Denise is a beautiful women and I'm sure an amazing mum! Jonas' Twitter
    • Jonas Brothers do NOT have personal Twitters. This Twitter is their only official Twitter - They tweeted it themselves (so did John Taylor and Jordin Sparks, who is on tour with them.) I know how many people there is out there.. just wanting to be a person so bad, they act as them and fool people on Twitter, Myspace.. Everything pretty much! Don't be fooled! I once was, and I'm sure you have too. TickleMeJoey and itsNICKJONAS are fake guys! And something else I might add.. Which kind of celebrity would PROTECT their updates on Twitter?! If you're a celebrity.. you have fans that you don't even know. You wouldn't protect your updates. But these fakes are only doing it to get for followers. If you're following them, un-follow them guys. They don't deserve followers at all.

    Anywayy! I'll be, probably, updating the above Jonas news daily.. so keep checking back! Here are today's questions, answer them in your comment for this blog! :)

    1. You won a contest and you're finally meeting the Jonas Brothers. What do you wear?
    2. What's your favorite color?
    3. Who's your favorite Jonas and why?

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hey Australian Jonas Brothers fans! If you're reading this, you heard about this website from our Twitter ( or somebody kindly told you about it. I (Hiba) have created this blogging place for Maggie and I to blog about things which you Jonas fans can read and comment any time. This will not only be all about Jonas, but not all about us either. We're going to do our best to write blogs that will interest you and keep you coming back for more! :)

Twitter's character limit is very annoying, and because we post Jonas news on that Twitter, we will also do it at the end of each blog we write.. just to make things easier. YES, we are still running our Twitter and we will not stop. We'll keep you updated with Jonas news. :)

So, tell your friends about this blog spot. We are excited about being able to write what you read. Thank you so much! -Hiba