Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello, hello, hello!!

Hi Everyone! It's Maggie for the day. I know, i know we all prefer Hiba don't we, well hows everyones day. Hope it was better than mine. We can talk JoBro here but first as you all know, we had a very awkward conversation last night on twitter about cramps and pains... JUST to make it better we had health today and i have a male teacher that has a face that looks like Mr. Incredible and we talk about STI (aka sexual transmitted infections) it sound like fun doesn't it..Hmmm. Back to our FAVOURITE boys in the entire universe, remember we will make contests that us Australians CAN enter and win Jonas Brother prizes, By the way: If you have ANYTHING Jonas, that you don't need/have double of (sticker books, cd's etc.) Please donate them! We're in need of prize's and we can't do it all by ourselves. So if you're interested.. Please let us know! :)

P.S Rember to vote for the Jonas Brothers on The Hot Hits. Lauch Page.

and on the Teen Choice Awards 2009 where the Jonas Brothers will be the hosts. Launch Page

JONAS NEWS FOR 14/8/09 (updated daily).

  • The Jonas Brothers' Chicago concert was rockin' awesome!! Check out the awesome photos 
  • THE ROAD DOGS WON!!!!! , aren't they happy look at them. They won 3-1 aren't we proud fans, were always proud through the rough and smooth times. From all the retweets of "RT: @Jonasbrothers Let's go Road Dogs! Let's go!!!!!!!! @AustralianFFE Let's go JonasTralia! Let's go!!!!!!!! :D Retweet this! XD" it worked.. next time they will dominated everyone!

 Well, thats all for today, more tomorrow. Daily Jonas news here. Here's today's questions,answer them in your comment for this blog! ^-^

  1. If you won the Team Jonas "Fly With Me" competition and you won thee guitar, but you didn't know how to play it, would you go out and learn it day and night until you got it right?
  2. Why do you think there are JB haters out there? (other than jealousy :] )
  3. Did Nick ever go on broadway? and if so do you know any of the performances he did?

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  1. Okay... so I'm like the only person who comments your blog. xD Maybe it's a sign I need to get out more??
    1. If I won the guitar I would make it my lifelong goal to learn how to play it! I wanna be like that girl who got to play Nick's guitar =(
    2. I think that people are prejudiced against JB because they relate them to Disney and think that all Disney products are lame, for little kids, stupid etc etc. Whenever one of my friends asks what I'm listening to on my iPod I don't tell her anymore cause she will only make fun of JB saying that they have "whiny voices that sound like girls" and that they "can't make a decent song to save themselves". I just tell her she's jealous cause she isnt touring around the world earning millions of dollars and have screaming fans chasing after her down streets and wanting even the chance to get to see her live.
    3. Nick's performed in:
    A Christmas Carol - as Tiny Tim & as Scrooge
    Annie Get Your Gun - as Little Jake
    Beauty And The Beast - as Chip
    Les Miserables - as Gavroche
    The Sound Of Music - as Kurt
    ...is it really sad that I know this much?