Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hey Australian Jonas Brothers fans! If you're reading this, you heard about this website from our Twitter ( or somebody kindly told you about it. I (Hiba) have created this blogging place for Maggie and I to blog about things which you Jonas fans can read and comment any time. This will not only be all about Jonas, but not all about us either. We're going to do our best to write blogs that will interest you and keep you coming back for more! :)

Twitter's character limit is very annoying, and because we post Jonas news on that Twitter, we will also do it at the end of each blog we write.. just to make things easier. YES, we are still running our Twitter and we will not stop. We'll keep you updated with Jonas news. :)

So, tell your friends about this blog spot. We are excited about being able to write what you read. Thank you so much! -Hiba


  1. well Hiba. this is a very smart idea!

    Bri - (twitter) flyyywithme :D

  2. rofl....
    its maggie :D ..
    i remmbered my username, it was the email i use to use when i was in primary school